Friday, March 5, 2010

What's for Dinner?

Every day it's the same routine.  Day in and day out.  It could be 10 am or (and this is the usual way it goes) it's 6:00 am.  Charlie will barely make it out of bed, grab a cup of coffee, change whatever it is I'm watching on t.v and immediatly ask me what's for dinner. 

Dinner? At 6:30 in the morning I'm still wondering what I'm going to wear? Are the kids going to miss the bus? Did Cameron wet the bed? What's my pain level?  What important things do I absolutly HAVE to do today? What day is it anyway? 

Nope, every morning like clock work he has to know what we're having for dinner.  But here's the kicker.  IT DOESN'T MATTER!!  He probably won't be here anyway and if he is, he ends up not eating with the family and just reheating it a few hours later.  Grrr.  Take yesterday for instance.  I have been really trying to get better organized.  I finally found the planner I absolutly love.  I used it for 2 years in a row about 5 years ago, then kind of stopped.  In case your wondering it's the family organizer by Amy Knapp.  I've used a lot of organizers over the years and this is by far the most complete and portable one that I've found.  With that being said, it has a spot every week for menu's.  So, yesterday I had actually had something down for dinner.  Beef Tips and Noodles.  When Charlie asked (at 6:30 that morning) what was for dinner, I immediatly told him it was beef tips and noodles.  His response? "I don't want that." WHAT?  I FINALLY tell you before 6:30 pm (when dinner is supposed to be on the table) and YOU don't want that???  I gave him a look somewhere between "you're unbelievable" and "I am seriously going to kill you."  Needless to say, we had the beef tips. It wasn't ready until almost 7:30 and he still didn't eat until almost 9:00.  By that time he has already been to the bar, come home and had a few more and is ready for bed.  He really only eats so he doesn't starve to death.  At least thats my opinion. 

So, now it's 9:30 am and no, I don't know what's for dinner.  I know there is a whole frozen chicken, and some steaks in the freezer.  We will probably have the chicken because we just had beef yesterday.  Heaven forbid if we had beef two nights in a row. 

As for the menu?  I'm still working on it.  I've even tried those menu's you find in some magazines like Better Homes and Gardens or Ladies Home Journal or even Redbook.  There was one I just looked at last week for April and there was exactly one recipe that I could use.  Most were these weird, gourmet type meals.  Who has time for that?  Who has the ingrediants for that?  I'm still working on my menu's.  The digital organizer from Amy Knapp has this cool feature where you can save all your recipes and drag-n-drop them to each day.  Once it's built with all the recipes that our family enjoys, I think it will be a very useful thing.  Right now I'm still in the panic each day mode.  Oh well.


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