Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Miracle.... or finally growing up?

I cannot believe it! Charlie took Cameron to the park tonight for the SECOND time this week! I remember a time not so long ago when I couldn't even get him to watch Cameron long enough for me to take a shower. Now he is taking him to the park and on bike rides. Don't get me wrong - I absolutly LOVE it. I think that it is just about the most wonderful thing ever. Just last week when I had my Doctor's appointment downstate Charlie re-arranged his schedule so that Cameron could stay with him instead of traveling down there with me. So weird!

I remember the first time I had Charlie hold Cameron after we came home from the hospital. Cameron was just a few days old. Maybe 4 or 5 and up until this point the most Charlie would do would be to lean over his bassinet and give him the lightest of kisses somewhere near the top of his little head. Well, I figured he would never get used to having a baby if he didn't just jump right in. So, I placed Cameron in his arms and told him it was about time he held his little boy. You would have thought I handed him a bomb. He held him so stifly yet gingerly and the look on his face was priceless. It lasted all of 5 seconds before he started hyperventilating and begging me to take him back.

Friday, September 7, 2007

I Need a Backiotomy

I am getting so old! Yesterday I had to make a 4 hour trip in 3 hours. Why you ask? Why wouldn't I plan enough time for this huge adventure? All I can tell you is that I did - to the best of my ability. Unfortunatly I had some unforseen roadblocks along the way.

So Wednesday the Neurosurgeons office calls to confirm my appointment and to inform me that they still had not recieved the referral from my doctor and if they didn't have it by my appointment time then I would be rescheduled. This doctor is 200 miles away and the last thing I wanted was to get there and find out that it would have to be rescheduled.

So I call the old neurosurgeon who was referring me to the new one (long story short I was going to a new one so that I could recouperate at my grandma's house and she lives 200 miles away from me therefore the new dr. is also 200 miles away now).

Anyway, the old Dr. says that they contacted my general Dr. and spoke with the referral person there. Okay, so I call my regular Dr. No answer. So I leave a message with the person that handles the referrals and pray that she calls me that day because I knew I had to leave at 8:30 in order to have enough time to get to my grandma's, unload and get to the appointment early enough to fill out all the paperwork.

Well, no one called me Wednesday so I was up most of that night worrying about it all. How was I going to get the referral and get down there in time.

Well I call back to my Dr. at EXACTLY 8:30 the next morning. Still no answer with the referral lady, so I leave another message and figure that the new Dr. said that it can be faxed to them so If I leave on time and get ahold of the lady to send the referral by fax then I won't be late.

Then I chickened out. I was afraid that I would get like 1/2 way there and they wouldn't be able to get the referral.

So, I sit at the gas station and call again finally actually speaking to the referral lady who had NO idea what I was talking about because she had been out of the office the day before. Which makes me wonder how in the world the other Dr.s office was able to talk to her. Finally she understood what I was trying to say about the appointments and why I needed the referral. She says to sit tight a minute and she will try to get it pushed through but that it usually takes a few DAYS to get a referral approved.

AGGGHHHHH!!! I don't have a few days - I barely have a few hours! So I pull over into the shopping center and wait for her call.

Finally at 9:30 she calls and tells me that it's all set and I can go. YIPPEE. only now I only have 3 1/2 hours to get there and like I said it usually takes me 4 or so. Not good.

I started to literally fly and slowing down only where I knew the police liked to hide out. Reminded me of that seen in Ferris Beuller's Day Off where the principle is running in the halls but slows down to a walk whenever he passed a classroom door. That was me. Driving like my butt was on fire and slowing down at the hidden turn off things.

I actually made the whole drive in almost exactly 3 hours. Oh, of course I was sooo tired from not getting any sleep that when I wasn't dodging turn-offs I was blasting the radio and pinching myself to stay awake.

I am getting so old. I just can't drive very far without wanting to fall asleep. There were times that I think someone was definitly watching over me. I know I was not paying the best of attention. But finally I made it and with a little time to spare. PHEW!

Skip ahead to the appointment. Everything was going great and I think the Dr. was more impressed with the fact that the Dr. that was I was coming from was very well known. He felt honored that the Dr. referred me to him. Well I didn't want to bust his bubble and tell him that I was the one who chose his name and I about threw a dart at a board to find him. Nothing more.

Anywho~ I need surgery. Now. well not NOW but I am having it the 19th of this month. Only 1 1/2 weeks away. I will be in the hospital for like 3 days and then have to recoup at grandma's for at least a week. At least until the staples are out. I just hope it works. No, I have to stay positive so I know it will work!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Who took my music?

Currently it is 1:55 am. I am still up. Couldn't tell could ya?
I have been diligently working on trying to get my music from my laptop computer to my desktop so that I can burn a CD for Charlie by tomorrow, or today now. Unfortunatly it is not working. Every single thing I try will only work on one computer or the other but never both. This is extremly irritating considering I have the laptop on my lap and I am sitting at the desk with the other computer on it. I just need for my music to move about 14 inches. It just won't do it.

Now you're probably wondering why I need it moved. Why didn't I just put it on the desktop in the first place right? Well, I'll tell ya. My laptop has a good soundcard thing in it. My desktop does not. If I were to download music to the desktop I wouldn't be able to preview it to see if it came out ok before burning it. So I got the bright idea that I would just set up a simple home network. I've worked in offices where they have their computers networked. I only want to connect the two of them how hard can that be right? Wrong! It would have been easier to launch the last space shuttle than it would be to network these computers. I even tried to use the wizard. Yeah, well the wizard must have graduated magna cum laude from MIT. Right from the git go I knew I was in trouble when it gave me 3 options.
1. Is your computer connected to the internet through another computer or directly?
2. Is your computer connected to the internet directly or through another computer?
3. other
Ok. Well let's see. My computer is technically connected directly to the internet through a little box that is directly connected to another computer. It's wireless. I have no idea how it's really connected.
So I tried option 1. It starts to do it's thing and I think great! It's going to work. All of a sudden it stops right in the middle and rudely informs me that after checking my hardware configuratios I have chosen the wrong option and I either had to go back or cancel. Hm. Bummer.
Ok. So, I go back and figure I still have 2 more options so I go with #2. Again with the same annoying little pop-up informing me of my utter stupidity. Ok. Back to the drawing board. Only 1 more left and three's a charm as they say.
Click here, next there, ok on that one and we are off and running.
It's going.
It's going.
And miracle of miracles it doesn't yell at me in the middle.
Ah, but wait.
Here it is. Another multiple choice question. Aparantly I have to make a CD of this unless I already have a CD in which case I can use that other CD or not if I have XP.
Ok. I have XP, I guess that's my choice. bing bang boom. and half an hour later and what do I have?
NOTHING!! I am still in the same mess I was in before.
So, now what? Oh yeah, Yahoo had this neat Briefcase thing where I could send files and folders to their server and they would lovingly take care of them with all of their new fandangled technology that doesn't crash on a semi-regular basis. So, I upload it there. Go to the other computer to download it to that one. Oh thank goodness for High-speed internet! And proceed to try to burn a CD. Another trick I haven't tried with this newer-ish computer of mine.

There's no program to burn a CD with. Humph!
Well what about the media player. Didn't it say something about transfering stuff to a CD or MP3 player? That's what I want to do.
Well my friends, that's where I am now. Patiently waiting for the Media player to find my music for me. I don't blame it for taking so long, it's not unusual for me to misplace stuff. Kind of my M.O. ya know? I wish I could help it out but it took me 30 minutes this morning to find my toothbrush (someone put it away upside down).
I really have no idea where I might have put the music. It could be anywhere and nowhere. Watch I will patiently wait for it to sort through my whatever-giga-bytes of storage and it will find that it is not there.
That is the story of my life.