Monday, March 8, 2010

Out of the mouths of Babes

Yesterday was the funeral service for my father-in-law, Danny.  It was a very sad day for me and Charlie, but I will write about that more later (maybe).  What this particular post is about is how utterly adorable Cameron was when we got home last night.  After the funeral and reception, Linda gave us a bunch of leftovers some of which included some really good cookies.  Well when we got home Cameron, of course, grabbed a cookie and asked if they were from grandpa.  We said kind-of yes.  He asked if Grandpa had made them. We said no, Grandpa didn't make them but they were kind of "for him".  So he then asked if we could go see grandpa sometime soon and charlie, not quite knowing how to respond, asked me what you say in a situation like that.  I told him to tell him the truth, but sensing that might be difficult for Charlie to do, I told Cameron that Grandpa had died and he went to Heaven to live with Jesus now and we won't get to see him for a long long time.  Well Cameron looked at me all serious like and said "Well you better give me 15 monies for the bus cuz that's really far away!"  It just tickled my funny bone and made me laugh.   To see how the mind of a child works is priceless sometimes. 

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