Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Books? What could be better?

I just learned of an excellant opportunity to review books for free!  I found it through one of Lisa Whelchels' monthly e-mails.  I just signed up yesterday and had to wait for acceptance into the club.  I just got the email that approved my application!

The first book I'm going to review will be "I am a Huttertite" by Mary-Ann Kirkby
A fascinating journey into the heart and culture of a reclusive religious community.

I Am Hutterite takes readers into the hidden heart of the little-known Hutterite colony where author Mary-Ann Kirkby spent her childhood. When she was ten, her parents packed up their seven children and a handful of possessions and left the colony to start a new life. Overnight they were thrust into a world they didn't understand, a world that did not understand them.

With great humor, Kirkby describes how she adapted to popular culture, and with raw honesty she describes her family's deep sense of loss for their community. More than a history lesson, I Am Hutterite is a powerful tale of retracing steps and understanding how our beginnings often define us.

I am very excited to start reviewing books!  So, today is Sunday, April 25th and I'm not going to really count it because it's not an "official" work day.  We will pretend that I actually ordered it tomorrow the 26th.  I'm curiouse as to how long it will take before I get it. 

If your interested in reviewing Christian books for free - just follow this here box thingy.

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