Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Houdini Lives!

I haven't written in forever. After my surgery there were the holidays, then I was working a bazillion hours a week and now that the 'season' is over I can finally relax. Or so I thought.

I have officially come to terms with the fact that my youngest will be the next Houdini. He has managed to escape every conceivable way possible. And at the tender age of 3, he has already gotten to ride in a police car. Great. Sign me up for "Mom of the Year"!

A few weeks ago he managed to get out of the house without me knowing it. I thought he was in the house. After searching a good 3 minutes inside and outside the house I quickly deduced that he was not on the property. Well I called the police and they already had him. All within 5 minutes. He had managed to get out of the house, over to the next street, and (because the police happened to be right there) taken to the police station. Holy Heart Palpitations!

I honestly thought the yard and house were secure. The fence we put up last summer was specially selected for it's smaller than normal holes that he can't get his foot into and every door has at least 2 latches on them. So how did he get out you ask? Well, take a look....

Of Course he didn't succeed that time. But that's how crafty he is. A little later the same day, he succeeded again in getting out of the yard.

We ordered LO-JACK that night. Okay it's not "LO-JACK", but it works and I'm not afraid to use it. I did nothing but chase him for 3 days until the security devices came in. It's great. Next I'm getting the Harness Buddie. I don't care if people think it's wrong to put your child on a leash. I think it's wrong for parents that don't do all they can to keep their children safe. Especially when they know they have a runner like I do.