Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Miracle.... or finally growing up?

I cannot believe it! Charlie took Cameron to the park tonight for the SECOND time this week! I remember a time not so long ago when I couldn't even get him to watch Cameron long enough for me to take a shower. Now he is taking him to the park and on bike rides. Don't get me wrong - I absolutly LOVE it. I think that it is just about the most wonderful thing ever. Just last week when I had my Doctor's appointment downstate Charlie re-arranged his schedule so that Cameron could stay with him instead of traveling down there with me. So weird!

I remember the first time I had Charlie hold Cameron after we came home from the hospital. Cameron was just a few days old. Maybe 4 or 5 and up until this point the most Charlie would do would be to lean over his bassinet and give him the lightest of kisses somewhere near the top of his little head. Well, I figured he would never get used to having a baby if he didn't just jump right in. So, I placed Cameron in his arms and told him it was about time he held his little boy. You would have thought I handed him a bomb. He held him so stifly yet gingerly and the look on his face was priceless. It lasted all of 5 seconds before he started hyperventilating and begging me to take him back.

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